Our Teaching

We teach, from the Bible, that the Christian life is not following a list of religious rules – “dos and don’ts” – as some have been led to think, but of behaving honestly and lovingly in thankfulness for God’s freely given favour to each of us.

We make available two courses:

Christianity Explored

This explains and explores over several sessions, with the aid of a short DVD and discussion groups, what Christianity is all about.

Discipleship Explored

This explains what Jesus expects of those who follow him and how God can give them the power to live up to his expectations.


We are a friendly, growing church with a range of ages.  We are part of one of the smaller, mainstream, Christian Churches.


We aim to show our personal and shared experience of God’s transforming love and power for good to more people in Dartford.  Through this we hope they can become part of a growing family of God’s people.


We believe in, and have experienced, Jesus’ self-sacrificing love which has given us:-

  • Forgiveness of our rebellious human nature.
  • A personal relationship with God the Father and Jesus his Son through God the Holy Spirit.
  • Membership of a supportive, friendly community based upon Jesus’ way of living.

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